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Global Health Cast – Long COVID

Part 2 of the series on COVID-19 presented by Prof. Schmitt, Prof. Weil-Olivier, and Prof. Altmann.

00:00 Introduction
02:20 How common is long COVID
03:25 Is long COVID a major public health problem
04:52 Ways to prevent long COVID
Underlying diseases and COVID vaccinations
09:59 Is long COVID just a consequence of lockdown
Are certain populations more at risk of long COVID
Hypothesis of what causes long covid
23:02 Why drug trials are so slow
26:12 Long COVID duration
29:47 Correlation between long COVID symptoms and severity of disease
31:22 Relation between long COVID and ME/CSF
33:38 Advise for people with long COVID
38:12 Vaccination recommendations for upcoming season
41:00 Conclusions

This Global Health Cast was produced with the unconditional support of an educational grant from Novavax (

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