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New mask ‘effective against flu, corona virus’

New mask ‘effective against flu, corona virus’

Viroblock, a Swiss start-up, has developed a novel face-mask containing technology that effectively traps and kills H1N1 flu and human corona viruses that pass through air, a statement said.

Aimed at helping protect people from the respiratory pathogens, the mask is up to one hundred times more effective than a similar mask without Viroblock technology.

The mask traps and kills over 99.9995 per cent of H1N1 flu viruses (swine flu), 99.999 per cent of H5N1 flu viruses (avian flu) and 99.997 per cent human corona viruses on pass-through air, according to the statement.

With latest reports of as many as 55 people infected with SARS-like coronavirus in Saudi, killing 33 in total, and large numbers of Muslims expected to travel to Makkah during Ramadan and in October for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, the technology can be used to assist in reducing the risk and incidence of airborne-transmitted infection.

“Aerobiology tests for face-masks simulate real life situations, in which the user is exposed to viruses coming in. The mask helps prevent transmission from and to the person wearing the mask,” said Dr Thierry Pelet, CSO at Viroblock.

“The stringent testing demonstrates the efficacy and speed at which the cholesterol depletion technology works.”

Aerobiology tests, carried out in high security laboratories, create a mist of viruses on the outside of the mask, a pump is used to draw air and viruses through the mask, and finally testing for live virus occurs on the inside of the mask.

“We believe that our protective face-mask can help protect healthcare, agriculture and security workers effectively, with added advantages of comfort of wear and easy identification,” said Dr Jamie Paterson, CEO of Viroblock.

Source: TradeArabia News Service