Global Health Press

Global Health Cast Edition 19

Nineteenth Edition of the Global Health Cast presented by Prof. Schmitt and Dr. Sanicas.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 COVID-19 update
03:24 COVID 19 “variant soup”
05:50 COVID-19 likely spread through floors, walls
08:01 Anti-COVID19 nose spray to reduce viral spreading?
10:12 Physical activity to increase COVID vaccine effectiveness?
12:28 RSV on the rise in US children: ARI-pathogens
14:47 Flu on the rise in the Northern Hemisphere
16:37 Influenza vaccination – 25% reduction of stroke?
19:21 Substantial before-symptom spread of monkeypox
20:59 Firearm ownership and mortality
23:48 Summary
25:26 Cartoon of the day

Download PDF: Video Presentation

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