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Researchers test first Ebola vaccine in infected community

Researchers test first Ebola vaccine in infected community

healthWorld Health Organization (WHO) and Guinean government officials have launched the first trial of an Ebola vaccine in Basse-Guinee, a community affected by the virus during the past year.

VSV-EBOV, a leading Ebola vaccine that was created by Canada’s Public Health Agency, has been part of ring vaccination tests and showed positive results. The ring tests took place in a tiny village located in Coyah.

“This landmark operation gives hope to all of us, in Guinea and in the world, that we might soon have an effective public health tool against Ebola, should the vaccine prove to be safe and effective,” WHO’s Guinea representative Jean-Marie Dangou said.

“The start of ring vaccination clinical testing today in Guinea is therefore one of the most important milestones we have achieved in seeking a modern line of defense against Ebola.”

Vaccinations will be limited to adults at the highest risk for contracting an Ebola infection. Pregnant women will not be included as test subjects.

“We are committed to ending this epidemic,” Sakoba Keita, national coordinator of the fight against Ebola in Guinea, said.

“Combined with control measures that we are putting in place with our partners, a safe and effective vaccine will allow us to close this trying chapter and start rebuilding our country.”

Source: Vaccine News daily