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Scientists discover possible treatment for HIV, cancer

Scientists discover possible treatment for HIV, cancer

graphene oxide frameworkScientists have tested countless drugs as potential cures for cancer, HIV and similar incurable diseases, and they recently found that new graphene oxide biosensors show promise as treatments for both cancer and HIV.

A team of scientists with the Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) recently created a new kind of graphene oxide (GO) that is founded on a biosensor. This development could accelerate the process behind drug development.

This specific carbon allotrope has properties that help it to heighten the biosensing sensitivity. This could allow scientists to create new vaccines and drugs for dangerous illnesses like hepatitis, HIV and cancer.

“SPR biosensing is a valuable tool to investigate a wide range of biochemical reactions, estimate their chemical kinetics and other characteristics,” Yury Stebunov, a scientist at the MIPT, leader of the study, said. “All this can be efficiently used for new drug discovery and validation. Widespread introduction of this method into preclinical trials will completely change the pharmaceutical industry. With SPR sensors we just need to estimate the interaction between the drug and targets on the sensing surface.”

Further details are available in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces under the title “Highly sensitive and selective sensor chips with graphene-oxide linking layer.”

Source: Vaccine News daily