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Cholera Outbreak in the South of the Philippines

A Cholera outbreak was detected in Barangay Santiago, Caraga Davao Oriental, the Philippines, on January 31, 2022, affecting 265 residents. The area’s existing water system, in need of rehabilitation, is suspected to be the source. The patients were reported to be stable but supplies for drinking water and hydration salts were becoming scarce. The provincial health office was in town to assess the outbreak and plan the response. Global burden of cholera is estimated to be 1.3 – 4 million cases per year.

The CDC recommends these preventive steps: treatment of water prior to intake (boil, chlorine products), hand washing, proper sanitation facilities and clean food handling and cooking. Vaccines are available for Cholera but are not part of any country’s extended program of immunization (EPI). In the Philippines, two oral inactivated vaccines are authorized with a 58%–77% efficacy two years after completion of 2 doses. These vaccines can be used in the control and prevention of further outbreaks.

Comment: The sole relevant source of Vibrio cholerae is humans – and disease results from lack of separation and drinking water. Safe drinking water is a human right — HJS

Learn more about Cholera at VacciTUTOR.

By Merlin Sanicas 

Aix-Marseille University Team Antibody Therapeutics and Immunotargeting at Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille Laboratoire Adhésion et Inflammation
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