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GIV Mobile partners with AIDS vaccine initiative

GIV Mobile partners with AIDS vaccine initiative

IAVIGIV Mobile has partnered with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) to further speed the research and development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine that will be accessible to the public.

GIV Mobile, the first consumer-conscious wireless service that focuses on giving back to the world, enables subscribers to contribute 8 percent of their monthly plan payments to IAVI. This allows people to help advance the novel vaccine that could protect countless people from HIV.

“GIV Mobile is honored to be working with this amazing cause and to be able to offer our subscribers the option to fund research and development of a vaccine against HIV/AIDS,” GIV Mobile co-founder Omar Agel said. “IAVI is dedicated to creating meaningful change through a preventive vaccine against one of the most deadly infections on the planet.”

IAVI’s clinical research and laboratory centers have a remarkable global reach from London to California to India to Sub-Saharan Africa. IAVI collaborates with industrial, government, academic and civil-society organizations to develop clinical and laboratory abilities that may further breakthroughs for HIV/AIDS vaccines.

“Millions of people around the globe are looking to IAVI to ensure development of a vaccine that will protect against HIV/AIDS,” IAVI’s AIDS Vaccine Fund Executive Director Geoffrey Glick said. “Money you donate through GIV Mobile speeds the design and development of a promising AIDS vaccine. Together with GIV Mobile and you, IAVI will help put an end to one of history’s most devastating infectious diseases.”

Source: Vaccine News daily