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Vaccines are safe

Vaccines are safe

vaccine_infantAcross the world, nearly 4 million children under the age of five die yearly due to vaccine preventable diseases. An alarming number are beginning to occur in the United States as myths surrounding vaccination are published as fact. Vaccines, however, are safe and effective. The most common side effects are things like localized soreness and slight fevers.

The vaccine “debate” is full of flaws. Vaccines are not causing a wave of autism, for instance — it is likely that diagnostic changes and a better understanding of autism are actually driving up numbers.

Often, we hear people scoff because we don’t need to worry about these diseases. We live in a global society; less common illnesses can catch a ride home with travelers and spread, especially in unvaccinated populations. Even diseases like influenza and chicken pox can be deadly, especially when the person contracting the illness is sick or very young – the people who often cannot get vaccinated.

It is not just yourself that you protect with vaccination!

National Immunization Week is the April 24th-30th, reminding to make sure that children are up to date on vaccines.

Source: Brainerd Dispatch