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Global Health Cast – Dengue: Clinical Aspects

Part 2 of the Global Health Cast on Dengue presented by Prof. Schmitt and Dr. Leong.

00:00 Introduction
01:20 How is dengue virus transmitted to humans
01:52 Aedes aegypti
Different strains of dengue virus
04:40 Aggravated immune responses after repeated dengue infections
06:30 Dengue incident rates in Singapore
09:22 Outbreak prevention (Environment)
10:52 Outbreak prevention (Wolbachia)
12:25 How dengue epidemics affect local economy
15:00 Relationship between dengue and other viruses
16:45 Dengue clinical symptoms
19:40 Dengue laboratory tests
20:53 Dengue treatment
22:32 Singapore’s local home remedy
23:06 Platelet transfusion
26:00 Piperine usage
26:47 Why some Singaporeans are not getting the dengue vaccine now
28:52 Takeda’s dengue vaccine solution for children and elderly
29:50 Effect of climate change on dengue
30:27 Conclusion

This podcast was partially sponsored through a medical educational grant by Takeda.

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