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New study on meningococcal disease

The Latin American Society of Pediatric Infectology (SLIPE for its acronym in Spanish) is working hard to strengthen the vaccination recommendations as the most effective method to prevent meningococcal disease, a disease that causes multiple consequences, not only physical, but also social and economic, in children and their families.

A Latin American forum of experts on meningococcal disease was held through Zoom platform discussing issues such as disease burden, epidemiological surveillance programs, meningococcal vaccines, impact of meningococcal vaccination programs, costs of illness, and the role of communication.

Meningococcal disease is an infectious disease event, with a rapid clinical evolution, very serious in some cases and with sequelae that are difficult to quantify in Latin America. Active surveillance through sentinel units is essential to quantify the disease burden and strengthen the available information. Read more >>

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