Global Health Press

Global Health Cast Edition 21

Twenty-first Edition of the Global Health Cast presented by Prof. Schmitt and Dr. Sanicas.

00:00 Introduction
00:54 COVID-19 update
03:49 TBE-ISW meeting in Vienna (end November 2022)
06:01 NEW US CDC data on COVID vaccine and booster effectiveness
07:28 Epidemiology of TBEV
09:47 Diagnosis of COVID associated with a GREATER RISK of seizures & epilepsy
11:36 Pathogenesis of TBE
13:13 Parents’ vaccination status associated with a reduced risk of hospital admission for kids
15:27 Extend the TBE vaccine booster doses to every 10 years
21:02 Flu vaccines for people with heart failure
23:10 Summary
24:57 Cartoon of the day

Download PDF: Video Presentation

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