Global Health Press

Global Health Cast Edition 22

Twenty-second Edition of the Global Health Cast presented by Prof. Schmitt and Dr. Sanicas.

00:00 Introduction
01:03 COVID-19 update
03:22 Post COVID-19 (Long COVID) risk factors in England
06:30 Pertussis vaccination during pregnancy: new 2 component aP “mono” in Thailand
12:32 New name for Monkeypox
14:57 Dengue outbreak in Bangladesh in the context of an unusual amount of rainfall
16:40 Takeda Dengue vaccine: EMA gives ”positive opinion”
18:11 Increased risk of endemic mosquito-borne diseases due to climate change
21:16 RSV: Efficacy of Maternal vaccination data released
26:05 Summary
27:20 Cartoon of the day

Download PDF: Video Presentation

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